Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Duke's Redemption - Newest reveiws

Originally posted by Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D.
The Duke’s Redemption, By Carla Capshaw, Love Inspired Historical. Available through and also It is cheaper through CBD at this point in time. Truly, for the value, this is a steal at $5.00. Add it to your cart right now if you are a colonial fiction fan!

This is a historical romance rather than a historical book with romantic elements. Set during the American revolution primarily at a plantation near Charleston, Capshaw does a good job at explaining how people had to travel during that time and using that in her story line (Elise is a spy). Having lived in Charleston for many years , I was a little disappointed she did not include even more of the geographic features of the area. However, this book delivered more than I was expecting, since the Love Inspired Historical line is fairly new. This book definitely could compete with those from the bigger Christian publishing houses.

Capshaw has some unusual turns in this book and it is not as predictable as some books I have recently read in this genre. I especially like that she was not afraid to include, and process, an element of history that needs more light shed on it – mainly, what happens when your male relative fathers a child into slavery. Cathy Gohlke also addressed this beautifully in her book, “William Henry is a Fine Name”.

This was a great night time read, is a page turner, with good pacing and plot. If you enjoy reading historical fiction (particularly colonial), this will not let you down - surprise you with the English hero but not disappoint you!

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