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The Protector - First offical review

Book Review from Eye on Romance
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 3
Inspirational Element: 10
This is an Official Review by a Inspirational Romance Writer Official Reviewer
Review for Protector, The
Author: Carla Capshaw

Date of Review: 05/22/10
Reviewer Comments: Have you ever wondered what life was like for gladiators in Rome? Then join Carla Capshaw as she takes us into the depths to these men and women who were persecuted for their belief in a Christian God. Ms. Capshaw breaths life into these people who lived so many years ago and makes her readers feel as though they know her characters.

Quintas Ambustus was a wealthy merchant with a wife, a son and a life he enjoyed. Then one day he returned home from a voyage to find his son dead, his wife had committed suicide and he had been denounced as a Christian. Quintas was thrown in jail, his property confiscated and he was sold as a slave. Fortunately, he found himself at a gladiator training school under the ownership of a fellow Christian who was willing to let Quintas buy his freedom.

Adiona Leonia was wed to an elderly man at the age of twelve. Her life with her husband was a nightmare and as a result, she has vowed to hate all men and to never marry again. Adiona surrounds herself with an ice-cold, harsh persona as protection from all the slights that people throw at her. She lets very few people see inside her outer covering. One of her closest friends is Caros, the owner of a famous gladiator training school. When she meets his newest student, Adiona begins to question her views that all men are evil and untrustworthy.

Unfortunately for Adiona and Quintas, things don’t go smoothly for either of them. Quintas buys the persona that Adiona projects and doesn’t want to be another man who is rejected by her. Someone is threatening Adiona’s life and wants her dead. She can’t figure out whom and must rely on Quintas to protect her. And underlying everything is the fact that Quintas is a Christian and Adiona is not. Will they ever be able to work out their differences?

Carla Capshaw is a master at her craft. She blends so many elements into a story and does it seamlessly. She gives her readers the historical detail of life in Rome in 81 AD and makes us feel as though we are there. The historical context is necessary for her story and lends just the right background to the tale that she wants to tell.

In addition to the historical detail, Ms. Capshaw blends the Christian faith into her story. She doesn’t preach at her readers, but allows her faith to come through the experiences that her characters have. Quintas prays frequently and his faith in God is apparent in the way in which he lives his life. He doesn’t force his religion on the other characters, but he is not shy about discussing it with them either.

She also blends in the suspense of finding out who is after Adiona as well as the building romance between Adiona and Quintas. We have to wait until the end to find out how everything will work, but it is an adventure worth taking.

Ms. Capshaw writes so smoothly. Her story flows from the first page and I could feel her passion for her topic. This book was a joy to read. I loved the companion book The Gladiator and this one lives up to the expectations I had after reading that story. A true delight!

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